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07/10/18 08:34 PM #9    

Doug Moore


10/06/22 08:30 PM #10    

Cherise Shipp (Lynch)

Hoping for an update on a 50th THS reunion soon as I definately want to attend, but I also need to plan a summer vacation around it. If anyone learns anything, please post details. Looking forward to seeing some old friends, really old friends that I haven't seen in too many years and sharing how each of our lives have unfolded over the past 50. I'm curious if some of the differences that divided us in high school will still be evident 50 years later, and what living half of our lives so far, has taught us to value, and what we might change in the next five. 

Cherise Shipp Lynch

12/04/22 09:20 PM #11    

Harold Williams (Williams)

I'm checking on when the 50th Class Reunion will be.  Need to know the date so I can plan my work schedule around the reunion.

12/04/22 11:03 PM #12    

Percy S Bowen Sr

I as well am requesting information on the 50th Class Reunion.

01/04/23 11:32 AM #13    


Thomas Rutherford

I'd love to hear about the 50th reunion as well

01/05/23 06:01 PM #14    

Larry Jackson

I'm interested in receiving information on the 50th Class Reunion.  

01/05/23 09:56 PM #15    

George (Trey) Hart

I stared a group facebook page for us all to communicate with each other. Just look up Topeka High School class of '73 on Facebook. As soon as I hear about a date for our 50th reunion I will pass it on. If any of you hear any thing please post here or on our class page on Facebook. Thanks

01/09/23 10:15 AM #16    

Eric Skoog

I saw in the THS Historical Society letter that the homecoming on September 29 is set as a reunion for the Class of 1973.  Don't know if that is official or not.  Looking forward to it. 

06/02/23 09:10 AM #17    

George (Trey) Hart

We will be kicking off our reunion by getting together with our class mates and friends Friday evening at the Celtic Fox downtown. Then Saturday evening is the main event at Stormont Vail Events Center/Formerly Heritage Hall (17th & Topeka Blvd/Topeka Expocenter grounds), 6:00-10:00pm. The dates are Sept 29 and 30th. More info on these events and other events to follow. Thanks for having patience. The Reunion Committee is working on all the logistics. Trey Hart

09/11/23 11:37 AM #18    

Cheryl Ackerman (Harvey)

Hey there Trojans!!  Just wanted to pop in here and share with you how excited I am to see you all at our FIFTIETH reunion!  Lynn, Mary Beth, Debbie and I were able to meet at the venue (Heritage Hall) at the fairgrounds last week and go over final plans before our big celebration!  For those of you who can't recall which building that's the big stone building with the beautiful arches by the Ag Hall where they had all the quilts, Art, food judging...all sorts of entries back in the day we could enter our handiwork for judging!  Remember when everyone didn't get an award but we were just delighted to enter AND we still had the fortitude to enter again the following year trying to improve our skills??  Those were the days my friends!!  Anyhow....our reunion is going to be beautiful!  Please make it priority to come visit with old friends and make new ones this year!  I just went to my husbands 52rd reunion this past weekend and met so many wonderful people!  I hope this encourages those of you who are waiting to sign up until you're certain you'll be able just do it!  Come and have a little (or a lotta) fun!  They say laughter makes the best medicine and I can promise there will be plenty of laughter!  If not recalling old stories from THS, it'll be from watching us all trying to REMEMBER all those stories!  We need every one of you to make our story complete!  A delicious meal with dessert is being prepared for you!!  See you there!!  You'll be glad you came! 

09/13/23 03:55 PM #19    

Mary Beth Shnell (Petr)

Great to see Eric planning to attend and many others....I will drag my sweetie (Dave Petr) along for the fun.....even if YOU can't come, if you see these posts, please contact anyone you have connections whith to check it out and try to come....anyone have info on my friends Amy Shevrin, Harriett Morrow, or Elizabeth Stearns?? Let them know I want to hear from them. Thanks

09/13/23 04:00 PM #20    

Mary Beth Shnell (Petr)

P.S. Surprise Dave Petr and try to come....David Johnson and Bill Fellman....if you have info on these two, please contact them. Thanks

09/14/23 11:19 AM #21    

Eric Skoog

Thanks Mary Beth.

Looking forward to seeing THS, Potwin and Roosevelt classmates!!!. At least THS is still standing and looking better than ever. 

09/24/23 12:25 AM #22    

David Bibb

For those looking for information on Roger Feeley, he is alive and well. He is not interested in the reunion.

I am interested, but cannot get away from work.

09/24/23 11:02 AM #23    

Kristi Wallisch (Worrel)

Hello classmates!  I was hoping to attend the 50th reunion but unfortunately my work is keeping me from making the trip.  I was recently able to talk with Jimmy Wagner and it brought back so many memories.  I am so fortunate to still be close with my sister friend, Cheri Brady (Powers),  It makes me sad to not see all of you this year but I hold all of you and the amazing memories close to my heart.   If any of you travel to North Carolina, please look me up.

With love, Kristi Wallisch (Worrel)

10/01/23 03:29 PM #24    

Tamra Salsbury (Houchin)

Pease accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for all who volunteered their time and skill to make our 50th reunion such a wonderful experience. Your efforts did not go unnoticed. What a blessing it was!

10/02/23 10:39 AM #25    


Thomas Rutherford

Thank you to all who were a part of the wonderful reunion celebration this past weekend.  It was wonderful seeing old, well not that old, friends.  Let's do this again.



10/02/23 10:46 AM #26    

Steve H. Thompson

I readily concur with Tammy and Tom.  It was a great event and lots of fun seeing everyone.  I really appreciate all the effort put in by the Reunion Committee to make it happen.

10/03/23 01:15 PM #27    

Cherise Shipp (Lynch)

To everyone, Lynn, Cheryl, Trey, Debbie, who contributed to making our reunion so wonderful, I say thank you! I had such high anticipation, and was uplifted by the numerous bright eyes and smiles I was met with. Even though we had all changed, in one way or another, over the years, physically, our careers, where we lived, political viewpoints, children or not, I still connected to the children we were at 16, 17 and 18 years old. Kind and trusting, optimistic and full of dreams, and plans to conquer the world, and become so many things. Then life after graduation happened,  and here we are 50 years later. I just wanted to say how priveledged I feel to have known so many of you, from grade school, on up to THS, and how much your friendships have met to me, and made me the person I am today. And a special thanks to Lynn, for letting me tour the house I grew up in.


10/08/23 09:44 AM #28    


Thomas Rutherford

At the recent reunion some of us were discussing the fact that our Class of '73 has not made any kind of donation to the school.  As I was on the tour it occured to me that there was no plaque or any kind of description on the 'USS Constitution' flagpole.  Is that something that there's interest in fixing?

There is also the opportunity to refurbish a table in the cafeteria, or a seat in the auditorium as well.

10/09/23 07:41 PM #29    

Eric Skoog

A plaque on the flagpole would be a good idea. I observed the same thing.  I'm in.  

10/12/23 04:04 PM #30    

Cheryl Ackerman (Harvey)

I like the idea of the plaque on the flagpole Tom!  Would you be able to check into that for us and find out the cost so we can get the ball rolling?  It was great seeing everyone again!  Just love how we pick up right where we left off!!  Thanks to the nametags with made "picking up" easier for some of us! ;)  

10/14/23 08:26 AM #31    

Mark Lowes (E Lowes)

Mark Lowes

I was struck by how lucky we were to have had some great teachers.  Would anyone be interested if I could identify a project that would benefit the current teaching staff in addition to the other projects that have been suggested?  My guess is that we all now appreciate how hard it is to be a good instructor.  If we could find something that would assist them, it could be a nice way to honor those who gave us so much.  

If there is interests, I will contact the school to see what if any options we have.


10/15/23 03:40 PM #32    

Jim Swenson

Great ideas Tom and Mark.  Hopefully the Class of '73 can do both projects.  

Thanks again to the reunion committee for the great job.  It was so much fun, wish we could do a repeat.  

10/20/23 09:56 AM #33    


Thomas Rutherford

Great idea Mark.  What did you have in mind?

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